About Me

Hello, I’m Kely.

I’m from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. I love ajiaco, Arab food and all things ginger. I hate eggplant. Like many fellow introverts, I have a horror of small talk. I’m a compulsive book shopper and collector, guilty of not reading enough fiction. I’ve been a poet, knitter, community builder, market and design researcher, career coach, communications and public relations liaison, graphic designer and promoter of entrepreneurial and innovation culture. I just returned from Sri Lanka, where I taught English to students from all over Asia. Now, I’m growing a spa. Everything I do goes something like this and this.

I have a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Social Anthropology from Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá), as well as an MSc in Spatial Design from UCL (London). Degrees have been me following my curiosity. As some people know, diplomas don’t tell you who you are and they certainly don’t automatically unveil work that matters to you before your eyes. Identity and purpose take time, as well as trial and error, or at least they did in my case.

Work that matters to me revolves around colors, diversity, community and fulfilling work. These are the things I believe in.

Get in touch if you have comments, questions, want to work together or just say hello..

About this site

It’s in the works and definitely in Spanglish.

Aycositalindamamá is a compilation of artists, organizations, podcasts, communities, magazines, collectives and websites that I love. Interesting, inspiring, fun.. it’s all in there.


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